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Life….with FASD

Life…..with FASD is not the life we pictured with the adorable newborn that we decided to take and protect from the world he would have been exposed to after birth.

We had no idea that we would have a hard road ahead after he turned three. This is when we started the evil head of FASD and the affects of his bio mother’s drug and alcohol use while he was in the womb.

We had been doing good with his behaviors (symptoms). Muncher is on Abilify (2ml) and even the psychologist noticed a difference in his impulsiveness and attitude had changed. This last two days has been awful when it comes to the simplest tasks.

I wish there was some way I could get TBRI training or some way to stop the meltdowns over the simplest things like bedtime, medication, and brushing his teeth. Something has to give at our house and the psychologist is no help what-so-ever except as grief support.

It was getting better then the bottom dropped out and we are back to square one. I let him have the tablet back after several weeks without it because he was doing better at school and home. Forget that and we are back to his usual ways. I felt like several parents on the support group Facebook pages today. They wanted to give up.

The Medicaid insurance requires an annual visit and two people are coming this time after no one showed up for the first appointment during Spring Break.

I need respite, someplace to take him so we can regroup then start again, and help when I need it the most.

I signed for a nature journal workshop and couldn’t go because I have no one that can stay with him. I need a break other than school days.

I didn’t sign up for this type of parenting. CPS should have prepared us and the case worker kept asking ” Do you know what you are getting into?” ….I kept saying “No”. We should have received a class or something. They considered it as private placement so they don’t have to provide support.

No tablet yet again for a while which it is hard on him and especially me when he is mad he can’t use it. Hoping for better days ahead!


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